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We founded Altincasino on December 19, 2017 as a way to offer a better gambling experience to players in Turkey and beyond. Part of the Omega Entertainment NV and Loukhan Ltd group of companies, we strive to provide a one of a kind user experience, a safe environment, and a stable platform for all manner of casino games. By combining innovation, fun, and safety for our users, we offer something new and exciting for people who are both new to online gambling and experienced veterans.

An Innovative Experience

At the heart of our brand lies an innovative and fun experience for the user. This means that we focus intensely on making sure that we offer the widest variety of games possible to customers while also making sure that the interface is easy to understand. With the click of just a few buttons, you can access dozens of different virtual slots and high-quality casino games. We use reliable software with a strong reputation for quality and make sure that everything we put in front of our users has been tested for stability, intuition, and overall excellence. Making sure that players are engaged and satisfied is at the heart of the Altincasino mission, and we take every step to explore new options to deliver an experience like no other.

Our Audience

In our current business model, we focus on Turkey as the base for our customers. This doesn’t preclude the possibility of expansion in the future, especially to other central Asian countries. Regardless of our players’ location, however, we remain dedicated to delivering a comfortable and user-friendly experience. This strategy includes embracing innovation when it can be used to enhance our user experience. That could come in the form of a better user interface, new and exciting games, or simply improved policies to make sure that our players feel safe and comfortable as they enjoy the casino experience. Our target audience includes people who want a fun online gambling experience in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Safety in Gambling

One of Altincasino’s most important features is a focus on a safe and welcoming environment. Gambling is a fun pastime, but it can also be an addiction for some. We strive to make sure that our employees are aware of the signs of problem gambling and are able to take steps to intervene if a customer’s behaviour suggests that such a problem might exist. That way, those who need help are protected and those who don’t need it can enjoy their casino games in safety. Our customers are our most important asset. It is our job to deliver an experience that entertains while making sure that the players feel as valued as they truly are.

Altincasino represents a new, innovative, and flexible online gambling experience. We make sure to keep up with trends in online gambling and keep the user experience at the centre of everything we do. If you want a fun and safe casino experience that can give you hours of great entertainment, we are here to provide it for you.