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Altincasino offers a chance to get involved in a budding online casino that can offer new and exciting options to users in the Turkish market. With strong operating cash flow and a disciplined approach to investment, we have a demonstrated ability to provide stability and a good return on investment. Established in 2017, we have already made strides in the field of online casinos and offer a chance for investors to get involved in an exciting venture at the ground floor.

Business Model

Altincasino is in the Omega Entertainment NV and LOUKHAN LTD group of companies. This group is licensed and authorized by the Curacao government and taps into the Turkey market of online bettors. Our business model focuses on intelligent, measured growth with a focus on the user experience. We use trusted brands for our casino software and virtual slot games, allowing customers who are familiar with other online casinos to come into a collection of games that they can recognize and enjoy. At the same time, we strive to create a user experience that is exciting, easy to use, and notably more accessible than our competitors. This means that new gamblers have plenty of reasons to stay with our casino rather than moving on to another offering.

To make sure that this business model remains successful, we have a solid base of capital from which to build and have spent our early years of operation keeping a strong balance sheet that helps to ensure a consistent profit margin. We base our business decisions not only on what is best for the company, but also what is best for our customers. By providing a diverse set of games in which customers can take part, we ensure that the entertainment never gets old. By taking care to emphasize safe gambling, we help to educate the customer and keep them in an environment in which they are comfortable. Our customers are our greatest investment, so by focusing on the user experience we also help improve our business.

Our Brand

Our gambling website of made its debut in the online world in 2019. The technical substructure of the site and its associated casino games comes from Betconstruct, one of the most successful leading service providers for online gaming in the world. Through Betconstruct, we have access to more than 15 years of industry experience and technology, as well as numerous innovations and new casino games as the brand continues to expand across the world. This substructure allows for dozens of wonderful casino games, online slots, and a secure platform for payment designed to help make sure that customers feel safe with every transaction on our site. Every game is designed or adapted to suit the capabilities of mobile devices, and our customers can enjoy Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and everything else found at the desktop version. The use of an established casino game provider combined with our embracing of innovation means many terrific opportunities for the future.

Altincasino is Turkish licenced bookmaker and online casino with over 500 games available from highly reputable software providers. Altincasino’s sections include everything from Sports Betting Lines and Virtual Sports to Video Poker, Online Slots, Table and Jackpot Games. There are also other more unique games, including Tombala, Betgames and Tournaments with big prize pools. Our RNG games are powered by the most trusted software developers like Netent, Pragmatic Play, iSoftBet, which are well-known names in the gambling industry and a guarantee that connexion will get an ultimate gratorama experience. Altincasino also features a wide range of premium Live Dealer Games from NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and other leading Live Casino software providers.


One of the key words that defines our business strategy is sustainability. This means that no investment on our part can be led by short-term profits alone. We must make sure to establish a reputation for quality and excellence that helps to establish our brand in a competitive industry. We also need to make sure to think of the wellbeing of our customers. The healthier and safer the environment, the more benefit for everybody involved. The focus on excellent software, a terrific user experience, and a safe customer environment translates across platforms and business sizes. This allows us to properly scale our user experience as we grow. What works for a small and relatively new online casino can also lead to success with a large established brand as long as we take care to cultivate these qualities.

A healthy relationship with our players means that we have a sustainable source of long-term revenue. To that end, we seek to make sure that we understand the origins and symptoms of problem gambling. By understanding what those are and making sure that our services do not encourage or support such problems in any way, we can create a healthy environment in which our customers can enjoy their online casino experience. This in turn makes our customers feel cared for and protected, which strengthens our relationship. A significant part of our strategy moving forward focuses on player care. This is an example of how ethics and business profits do not have to be mutually exclusive.

In addition to establishing a strong base and building a reputation as a player-focused brand, we also plan to grow while maintaining a strong presence in the Turkey market. By optimising our platforms and improving the player experience incrementally, we can grow our reputation to such an extent that reaching to other countries in Central Asia. Potential new markets for Altincasino include Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, among others. There is room in each of these countries for a strong online casino presence. They key, however, is to make sure that future growth does not affect current capital. This means focusing on responsible growth that allows us to branch out to those companies while maintain an equal focus on our current investments in Turkey.

Responsible Gambling

Making a commitment to encouraging responsible gambling is one of the key pillars of our business model. Due to the rise in unethical online casinos, public trust in gambling as a whole has significantly declined since 2015. In order for us to grow our market and make a meaningful investment in our customers, we need to make sure that we address problem gambling head on. While this may seem to be at odds with our mission as an online casino, it is important to note that a casino can thrive while also protecting its customers. In fact, being transparent about our attempts to prevent problem gambling can create a bond of trust between us and our players.

Addressing the issue of problem gambling begins in our marketing content. By controlling our message and making sure to emphasize responsible gambling, we empower the customer to play in a measured, controlled manner that allows for lots of fun with minimal risk. Once we make a connection to a customer, we need to make sure that we identify those who may be at risk for problem gambling. Our employees can then intervene and get individuals help before the issue becomes worse. The creation of a safe and comfortable environment means that customers who may have had issues in the past can still enjoy themselves without as much worry about a relapse occurring.

Addressing the issue of problem gambling is not just an ethical decision, but also one that helps our business model. We want customers to have a chance to make money at the casino and come back for more, rather than gambling until they are out of cash. A healthy clientele is one that can provide long-term profits while also enjoying the fun that our platform offers. While the ethical ramifications of responsible gambling are enough to make it a focus, it is valuable to note that by doing right by our customers, we also do right by our business.

Overall, the keys that make Altincasino a good investment include a customer-focused business model, a strong base of capital, room to expand into other markets, and a commitment to creating a trustworthy brand upon which our players can rely. With a measured plan for future growth that does not put current profits at risk, we are well-positioned to building a great online casino experience that will entertain for years to come.