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Altincasino CX: ‘Deposit & Withdraw’ experience delivers on Relevance, Speed & Trust

The ‘Deposit & Withdraw’ experience is one of the seven key Customer Experiences Altincasino is focusing on to embrace a customer outside-in approach to how the business operates, organises, designs and delivers change.

The ‘Deposit & Withdraw’ experience includes journeys such as opening the cashier, choosing deposit & withdraw methods, confirming both deposit and withdraw or receiving funds in your bank account, with each of those journeys being further broken down into journey steps or micro-journeys. The experience also manages all customers financial accounts, securing their funds the same way a bank does it.

The vision for the ‘Deposit & Withdraw’ experience is built on three high-level CX principles (i.e: Relevancy, Speed & Trust) and is one that is instant, seamless, and lets customers deposit and withdraw their money using their preferred method. For customers to have the confidence to part with their money, we must also ensure that the payment process feels reliable and trustworthy.

Trust as a key factor

Stability and transparency in the payment process are key to the experience, and key factors into gaining customer trust. After all, we are asking our customers to trust us with their money! The experience is working closely with all our payment partners to improve stability and transparency. Today, the Altincasino platform enables more than 20 payment options, all relevant to Turkish market Altincasino operates within. The variety of payment options is constantly revised to be as locally adapted as possible as well as providing the best CX.

Being compliant and secure is an absolute must when it comes to processing payments and gaining and retaining customer trust.

As an online gambling operator taking card payments, Altincasino is required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS for short.

Being able to work with several payment providers in any single market allows us to mitigate payment issues by redirecting our customers to the best payment method or route at any point in time.

Staying relevant: what does this mean for the ‘Deposit & Withdraw’ Experience?

As a result of the emerging technological innovations that are transforming payments, the ease of using payment solutions has been greatly improved, without compromising security and ease of use. Examples of innovative payment solutions are all helping Altincasino to deliver extremely smooth payment journeys and therefore delight customers. Those payment methods can either be very local or very global. Staying relevant to our customers simply means offering payment methods that our customers prefer, be it local or global, and finding this right mix is a goal we’re continually pursuing.

Speed: Customers raised expectations

Speed as part of the ‘Deposit & Withdraw’ experience does not only imply that the cashier needs to load fast and in a responsive fashion. We need to deliver on speed across all interactions taking place between the customer bank account or card and the Altincasino account and vice versa. Accomplishing this speed requires an efficient Altincasino process as well as using high-speed banking backbone services.

The general drive for cash-less societies and the technologies emerging from these needs are helping Kindred to deliver a faster experience. Also, increasing cashless environments are raising customers’ expectations of fast payments across both the Deposit & Withdraw journeys. Over the years, we’ve had one recurrent question from our customers: “The deposits are instant, why is my withdrawal taking so much time?”. With the help of new technologies and financial services, Altincasino is today offering near real-time pay-outs in most of our markets.